Message from the Head of Department

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Welcome to the Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science UTM! We have 40 academic staff in the department with research and teaching interests that span the broad spectrum of  Biosciences. The department offers B.Sc. (Biology), B.Sc. (Industrial Biology), M.Sc. (Biotechnology), M.Sc. and Ph.D programmes. 

The faculty members in the department are actively involved in research in thrust areas such cancer and infectious diseases, blue biotechnology (environmental biotech), white biotechnology (industrial biotech), green biotechnology (agricultural biotech) and red biotechnology (biopharmaceutical biotech). Academic knowledge and expertise encompass gene and protein engineering technology, fermentation technology, bioprocess engineering, enzyme technology, plant and animal cell/tissue culture technology and biosensor technology. These technologies are applied in agriculture, health care, forensics, industrial processing and environmental protection / management in many useful ways.

With excellent facilities for carrying out both teaching and research, we offer high quality undergraduate teaching programmes, and a supportive environment for research staff and postgraduate students.

I welcome you to explore the countless educational and research opportunities in Biosciences at the Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science UTM, Johor Malaysia.