On the 18th of November 2016, the ‘Persatuan Sains dan Teknologi’, Faculty of Science (PESAT) organized the First Year Experience (FYE) programme, which catered to the first year students of the faculty. Among the objectives of this programme are to help the transition of the students to university life, build a good relationship among all members of the faculty and help them to understand our community.

           The programme was officiated by Assoc Prof. Dr Zaiton Majid, Head Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. A total of 201 students attended the programme, which consisted of four slots:

  • Introduction to the road map programme by Dr. Mohd. Bakri Bakar
  • Introduction to the Young Excellent Scientist programme by Dr. Raja Kamarulzaman
  • University life by the alumni of our faculty, which were Norfazreen Saffee, Mohamad Hidayad Ahmad Kamal and Mohamad Dzarul Hafiz Dol Malik.
  • Session with the committee of PESAT

The programme ended with the closing and token of appreciation-giving ceremony by the advisors of PESAT, Dr. Sheela Chandren and Dr. Nor Ain Husein.