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Department of Chemistry
The department of Chemistry is one of 5 departments in the Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The department started as an Science Education Unit in the early 70’s. The main purpose of this unit was teaching chemistry to Engineering and Science Education students. In 1987, the department started the Degree programme in Industrial Chemistry and the first batch of undergraduate students were enrolled. Today, with 50 highly qualified academic staffs, 30 technical supporting staffs and more than 100 postgraduate students, the department strives for academic excellence through creative learning, state-of-the-art technology and diverse research in chemistry and related fields. To date the department has received countless Grants, National and International Awards for research in Chemistry.

Department of Chemistry Timeline

The Chemistry Unit was initially formed to teach chemistry to the engineering students of Institut Teknologi Kebangsaan (ITK). The Unit consisted of a few Malaysian and foreign lecturers, and was one of the 4 Units in the Centre for Science and Humanity Studies. The Chemistry Unit was upgraded to the Department of Chemistry upon the formation the Centre for Science Studies, when ITK was upgraded to a full university status and renamed as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The first enrolment of students pursuing the Diploma in Education in Science and Integrated Science took place in the Centre for Science Studies.

The upgrading of the Centre for Science Studies to the Faculty of Science and Education, paved the way for the enrolment of students in Degree Courses in Science and Education and the increase in number of academic and supporting staffs. The Industrial Science Undergraduate Degree Program in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics was initially offered in 1981, but later changed to the Industrial Chemistry Program in 1987. The department also enrolled its first two Masters students in Chemistry in 1987. In 1988, the Faculty of Science moved to the Skudai Campus in Johore.

The Faculty of Science and Education was renamed as Faculty of Science, consisting of only 3 departments: the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The department of Biology was later formed in the year 2001. The Department has undergone major facelift, with increased number of student intake, facilities and research based activities in Chemistry and Biotechnology.