Community Projects

Transforming Communities

UTM Faculty of Science has eight flagship engagement projects which are ambitious in scope and varied in nature.

We work with communities on projects that could enhance community skills development and empower society with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

The Johor State Government and other government agencies, among others, play important roles in the development of the projects. Most of the projects draw on already long-established research, work and relationships.

The ideas and enthusiasm in the communities themselves are inspiring and we are channelling that into innovative schemes to bring long-lasting benefits. The communities play a major role in shaping the activities, drawing on their local knowledge.

The eight projects are:

  1. STEM Tabika KEMAS
  2. Jelajah Sains
  3. Rekreasi, Apresiasi & Pengukuhan Matematik
  4. Kemahiran Teknologi Komputer
  5. Pelestarian Pertanian/ Baja Kompos
  6. Penanaman Fertigasi Tin (Figs)
  7. Bengkel Elektronik Telefon Bimbit
  8. Bengkel Analisis Data Statistik

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