Current Research Interest

Our group involve in theoretical and computational modeling of complex systems.  These modelling of complex systems arise from life science and engineering.  They are as follows:

  • Visualization, monitoring, prediction and psychometric evaluation for human physiological and behavioral changes such as tumor growth, brain science  and  intelligence.
  • Mathematical modeling of tumor growth by fuzzy delay differential equations. The study includes the analysis of the stability of steady state and also the numerical solution of the system.
  • Classification of delay differential equations to solvable lie algebra.
  • Theoretical Modelling of Epileptic Seizure Via Flat Electroencephalography.
  • Mathematical modelling of the effect of ionising radiation. The aim of this research is to work on cell survival under radiation. Here we develop a more realistic mechanistic model of high and low dose ionising radiation damage. We use the framework of structured population theory. The study includes the stability analysis, bifurcation and also the numerical solution of the system by the aid of mathematical software C++, MATLAB or MAPLE.