Many problems in science and engineering are numerical problems. Computers were originally invented to perform numerical computations. Recently, with the invention of powerful symbolic and algebraic computation systems (CAS), computers have been used to perform both numerical and symbolic computations in the long and tedious calculations or manipulations of mathematical concepts. Scientific computing, mathematical software, numerical and symbolic methods is in the area of computational mathematics and will continue to be the driving forces in the development of advanced computing architectures.

Research Objectives and Directions

Conducting research in the area of numerical analysis, numerical and algebraic computations realizes the need to investigate into the theoretical basis, which is essential in deriving or formulating new theorems, improved algorithms and computing tools for finding numerical or exact solutions to problems. Thus the group is also engaged in fundamental research that leads to the development of new numeric or symbolic processes. Among of the research objectives are:

  1. To contribute to the development of state of the art techniques and algorithms for scientific and industrial computing.
  2. To incorporate fundamental research into developing software that can be used to solve practical or standard problems
  3. To collaborate with other researches doing application oriented research problems such as molecular modelling, computational quantum mechanics, mathematical modelling in robotics, computer vision, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, etc.
  4. To train and produce researches or graduate students.

Consequently, the research group aims at establishing the laboratory of numerical or symbolic algorithms for researches in the mathematical sciences, nanotechnology and engineering.