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About us

Mathematics computer laboratories at the Faculty of Science are managed by the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

There are four mathematics computer laboratories at the Faculty of Science. Each laboratory has different seating capacities ranging from 15 to 37 desktop PCs. These are mainly teaching labs equipped with the latest mathematical softwares.

No. Lab Location No. computers (excl. instructor)
1 Mathematics Lab 1 C22- Level 3 37
2 Mathematics Lab 2 C22-Level 3 not available
3 Mathematics Lab 3 C22-Level 3 10
4 Postgraduate Lab T05-Level 5 15


Mathematical software packages include Visual C++, Matlab, Mathematica, R, SPSS, Simul8, WinEdt for LaTeX and more. You will be able to gain experience in these packages during practical sessions that form part of your course.

Other useful packages include Acrobat Reader, FireFox, Microsoft Office.
Most of these softwares are downloadable from UTM cyberubp via the University’s network. (ACID login required).

General Lab Policies:

  • All computer laboratories are open for reserved lectures and general usage for our students and staff; however, the usage of the computer laboratory is given priority to reserved lectures.
  • Access to unrelated websites particularly social media websites such as Facebook are not allowed especially during lectures.
  • Do not use the computers in the lab as a permanent file storage. You may store temporary files in Partition D during class.
  • Users are not allowed to install or remove any software/hardware in the laboratories.
  • Pirate software copies are not allowed to be installed to any computers in the laboratories.
  • No uncovered beverages are allowed in the lab.
  • No food is allowed in the lab.
  • For assistance in using the computing facilities in laboratories, users may contact the laboratory assistant En. Fauzi (ext.34277/En. Zulfauzi ext.10384).

 Lab Reservations and other services:

To book a lab and to find out on other services that we offer, please click here.

Contact Information

Dr. Norhaiza Ahmad,
Mathematics Computer Lab Coordinator
Level 4, C22-445
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Science
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Technical Support

En. Fauzi Md. Arif C22 07-5534277
Pn. Zarina Mohamed C22 07-5534277
En. Zulfauzi Zakaria T05 07-5610384


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