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Updated: 29 April 2019

Ali Hassan Mohamed Murid, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Applied and Computational Complex Analysis


Office: C22-412

Tel: 07-5534245

Admin: –

Fadhilah Yusof, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Applied Statistics (Hydrology)


Office: C17-Level 2. Dean’s Office

Tel: 07-5530264

Admin: Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affairs), Faculty of Science.

Nor Haniza Sarmin, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Group Theory and its Applications, Formal Language Theory and its Application in DNA Computing, Splicing Systems on DNA Molecules


Office: UTM International Office

Tel: 07-5537839/07-5538004

Admin: Assoc. Director (Student Services & Global Education Experience), UTM International

Norsarahaida Saidina Amin, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Biofluid Dynamics, Unsteady Boundary Layers


Office: C21-2XX

Tel: 07-5534267


Muhammad Hisyam Lee, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Statistical Modeling, Wireless Communication and Technologies, Mobile Computing, Terrestrial Gamma Radiation Analysis


Office: C22-416/ Bangunan Canseleri

Tel: 07-5534236

Admin: Deputy Director. Analytics and Institutional Research, Office of Strategy Management. Office of the Vice-Chancellor UTM

Tahir Ahmad, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Optimal Control Theory and Applications, linear Control Systems


Office: Bangunan Ibnu Sina

Tel: 07-5536072

Admin: –

Zainal Abdul Aziz, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Functional Integrals in Mathematical Physics, Non Linear Waves, Engineering & Industrial Mathematics, Mechanics & Environmental-Based Modelling Techniques & Problems


Office: C08-301. UTM-CIAM

Tel: 07-5534230

Admin: Contract. UTM-CIAM Advisor

Zuhaimy Hj Ismail, Professor Dr.

Research Area: Forecasting, Vehicle Routine Problem, Heuristic Methods, Alternative Islamic Financing, Statistical Modelling, Optimization Methods.


Office: C22-434

Tel: 07-5534224

Admin: –