The objectives of this research, NLWMPG, are to conduct and promote frontier research activities of all theoretical and computational aspects of mathematical sciences, particularly in the fields of nonlinear waves and mathematical physics. This is a striking example of the cross-fertilization between mathematics and other fields, particularly in physics and engineering/industrial applications.

For example quantum theory (and together with basic ideas in nonlinear waves) has recently emerged as a unifying theme in the modern development of geometry. Ideas from quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and string theory have transformed algebraic and symplectic geometry, and even inspired the creation of a new branch of mathematics (viz. noncommutative geometry). At the same time, progress in fundamental physics increasingly hinges on deep mathematical ideas.

The primary aim of this research group is to make Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as a major player in this development. Our group would act as the cluster center or ‘hub’, and plans to achieve this through the creation of a long-term educational infrastructure, combined with a new large-scale research program in mathematics. The former will nurture a generation of students who are, so to speak, bilingual in relevant areas of both mathematics and fundamental physics.