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Programme Learning Outcomes

Programme Name: Master of Science (Physics)

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Code Intended Learning Outcomes Teaching and Learning Methods Assessment

Integration and Generation of Knowledge in Sciences

(C5, P5, A4)

Ability to integrate and generate in-depth relevant scientific knowledge for the benefit of related physics disciplines. Lectures, seminars, assignments, directed reading, active learning, laboratory work Examinations, presentations, written assignments, problem-based exercises, and dissertation.

Experimental and project works.

(C5, A4)

Ability to apply knowledge to perform project works scientifically to explain physics phenomena. Lectures, assignments, research project, directed reading, simulation exercises,  problem-based learning Examinations, written assignments, research dissertation, presentations, problem-based exercises.

Trouble-shooting Techniques and Skills, Communication Skills, Team Working and Leadership

(P5, A4)

Ability to analyze and solve physics problems and also ability to evaluate situations and react responsibly to communicate, cooperate and lead a team among peers and others. Supervised project, lectures, individual assignment, seminar group assignments. Research dissertation, examinations, written assignments, presentations, group reports

Professionalism and Ethics


Ability to integrate professional ethics in life, organization, society and individual to fulfill the needs of mankind in both spiritual and material aspects. Lecture, supervised project, group assignment, seminar Research dissertation, Written assignments, presentations, log book.

Continuous Education


Ability to acquire knowledge independently for continuous personal and professional development Research work, dissertation, individual assignments Research dissertation, written assignments



Ability to explain managerial concepts and identify business opportunities and initiate action to achieve it. Lecture, research work Research dissertation