4th International Science Postgraduate Conference (ISPC 2016)


Event Type: PGSS Activity
Event Name: 4th International Science Postgraduate Conference 2016
Date: 22-24 February 2016
Venue: CS Nano, Ibnu Sina Institute
Coordinator: Rossiana

The 4th Internation Science Postgraduate Conference 2016 (ISPC 2016) is the continuous event of the precedent ISPC 2015 which will take place at Centre for Sustainable Nanomaterials (formerly known as Ibnu Sina Institute, ISIR UTM Johor Bahru). The conference is organized by Postgraduate Students Society Faculty of Science (PGSS-FS) and Faculty of Science with the aim to gather postgraduate students from local and international institutions to create interaction and networking the field of science and technology.


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