Message from the Head of Department

Message from the Head of Department



Head of Department

PM Dr Wan Muhamad Saridan Wan Hassan


The Department of Physics at UTM offers a world-class education to its undergraduate and graduate students. We have about 50 faculty members who teach physics over 100 undergraduate physics students per year. As one of the leading universities in the nation, our mission is to serve the people in Malaysia as well as those from the world through our intensive education, research, and outreach.
The Department of Physics was established in 1974 when UTM was still a technical school. Since then, our department has expanded and our current activities include material science, laser and optical physics, nuclear physics, computational physics, and interdisciplinary physics. The department engages in cutting-edge research in a variety of fields and has made a great contribution to the academy and industry through research and education. We welcome any students who want to study at the department. Feel free to browse our undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are offered in our website.

I hope to further develop these lines of research and education, and contribute to the solution of mysteries of matter and life through physics.