Popular Science Seminar Series 18 | PM Dr. Wan Muhammad Saridan B. Wan Hassan

Popular Science Series 18_PM Dr Saridan_gravatational wave talk

Popular Science Seminar Series 15

Dr. Suhaila M Buhari Department of Physics Faculty of Science Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Space Weather Impact to Humanosphere Space weather is a branch of space physics and aeronomy that describes the space environment between the Sun and Earth. Space weather is...

Faculty of Science Seminar Series 11

Dr. Hang See Pheng Department of Mathematical Sciences Faculty of Science Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Massive Training Artificial Immune Recognition System for Lung Nodules Detection In the early detection and diagnosis of lung nodule, computer aided detection (CAD)...

About Popular Science Seminar Series

Launched in 2017, the Popular Science Seminar Series is a series of talks hosted by Faculty of Science, UTM with the sole purpose of sharing and disseminating scientific information in a way, that is understandable and suitable for an audience consisting of people of all walks of life, regardless of their scientific background.

The schedule of the past and future talks are:

  1. An Endless Odyssey towards Greener Earth – Assoc. Prof. Dr Sib Krishna Ghoshal
  2. World of Colours – From Petri Dish To The Marketplace – Prof. Dr. Wan Azlina Ahmad
  3. A Journey Across a Bridge to a Waste…is Not a Waste After All – Prof. Dr. Tahir Ahmad