Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Siew Ling was awarded B.Sc(Hons) in Chemistry and PhD in Material Science in 2000 and 2004, respectively from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Her research focus area is in nanotechnology and advanced materials fields. Main research activities include the synthesis and characterization of mesoporous bismuth-based materials as oxidative catalyst and nanostructured metal modified titania materials as bifunctional catalyst and photocatalyt. Besides, other research area of interest is in development of lamellar structured mesoporous bismuth based materials as oxidative catalysts. She also involved in fluorite-type ionic conductors synthesis for electrolytes application. She is currently the project leader of a few active projects relating to advance materials as support and photocatalyst as well as project related with oxidative-acidic bifunctional catalyst for conversion of alkene to useful products, funded by FRGS, MOHE, MOSTI and RUG. She is actively involved in journal publication with the scopus h-index of 9 and total citation of 261.