APCATA 523-2016-200

Fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 for carbon monoxide methanation

A core-shell fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 (FmZSM-5) has been developed by employing microemul-sion system coupled with zeolite crystal-seed crystallization method and unprecedented applied in COmethanation. The FmZSM-5 showed greatly enhanced catalytic activity with the rate of CO conversion(0.0708 mol-CO/m2s) and the rate of CH4formation (0.0488 mol-CH4/m2s) at 723 K, which is two-foldhigher than that of the conventional recrystallized mZSM-5 (RmZSM-5). Besides, it showed high stabilitywith no sign of deactivation up to 50 h. The presence of oxygen vacancies led to the increase in interpar-ticle porosity, basicity, and CO and H2adsorption sites which are believed to be the keys for remarkablyimproved in CO methanation. Additionally, the influence of diffusion limitation was indicated to be neg-ligible. Such a unique core-shell fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 and their excellent catalytic propertiessuggest the significant application possibilities in base-catalyzed reaction especially in the production ofmethane.