CatalLett 2014-144-1009

Selective Acetalization of Glycerol with Acetone Over Nickel
Nanoparticles Supported on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

The use of multi-walled carbon nanotubes for
catalytic applications is acquiring great interest. In this
work, heterogeneous catalysts were prepared by incorporating
nickel nanoparticles into MWCNTs and were characterized
by BET, surface acidity, FTIR, XRD, Raman
spectroscopy, and TEM analysis. The Ni-containing catalysts
have presented unique catalytic performance in the
selective formation of glycerol ketal and acetal via the
solventless acetalization with acetone. The formation of
glycerol acetal via glycerol ketalization with acetone can
be considered as one of the earlier attempts in this field.
Experimental investigations revealed that at 40 C,
Ni(1.8)/MWCNTs facilitated the conversion of 96 %
glycerol with corresponding selectivity of 72 and 28 %
toward ketal and acetal, respectively, within 3 h. The
unique catalytic performance of this catalyst is mainly
attributable to its high acidity and the structural characteristics.
The stability of the catalytic activity was examined
upon recycling the catalyst for four consecutive batch