CEJ 225-2013-254

One-pot electro-synthesis ofZrO 2–ZnO/HYnanocomposite for photocatalytic decolorization ofvarious dye-contaminants

Ahighly photoreactive electrogenerated catalyst (EGZrO2
–EGZnO/HY)was prepare dbyafacile one-pot electroche mical method.The restructuring ofthe aluminosilicate protonated Yzeolite (HYzeolite)frame- work presumably occurred during electrolysi svia dealumination accompanied bythe insertion ofZrand Znions resulting from anodic dissolution toform anew active species,Sicoordinated with Zrand Zninthe HYframework.The photoactivity ofthe photocatalyst was examined byphotodecolorization ofmethylene blue (MB)under varying pH,catalyst dosage,and initial concentrations ofMB.Anamount of0.60 gL
11wt.%EGZrO 2
–1wt.%EGZnO/HY was found tobethe optimum dosage for 10mgL
1MB,which gave almost comp lete photodecolorization ofmethylene blue after 1hunder visible light atpH11and room temperature.The photocatalytic reaction followed pseudo first-orderkinetics which were rational ized interms ofthe Langmuir–Hinshelwoodmodel,and provided nearly complete mineral- izatio n.After fivecycling runs,the catalyst was still stable and showed noleaching effect.High decolor- izatio npercentage (>80%)ofother dyes such asmalachite green (MG),Congo red (CR),and methyl orange (MO)were also obtained.