CTEP 2013-15-967

Co3O4 doped over SBA 15: excellent adsorbent materials
for the removal of methyleneblue dye Pollutant

Nanosized cobalt oxide particles are incorporated
into SBA 15 mesoporous silica materials and are
effectively used for the first time as adsorbent materials for
aquatic dye pollutant removal. Cobalt is found to exist in
its Co3O4 spinel structure as evident from FTIR and X-ray
diffraction studies. The best weight ratio of metal loading
to show excellent adsorption of methyleneblue is found to
be 10 wt% Co over the support. There, Co3O4 spinel
nanoparticles lie inside the pores of mesoporous silica.
Further increase in the percentage of metal loading
decreases the adsorption capacity which may be due to the
agglomeration of nanoparticles over the silica support as
evident from TEM photographs. Cobalt-doped systems of
the present study, having good adsorption capacity of
methyleneblue, are prepared via impregnation of cobalt
nitrate over SBA 15 in aqueous medium. Here, we introduce
a new SBA 15-based system for the fast removal of
aquatic dye pollutants which is highly economical for
industrial applications.