1. Keynote Speaker MRS-Id 2016
  2. Invited Speaker ISOC 2016,
  3. Invited Speaker ISPC 2016
  4. Invited Speaker GOT 2016 – August
  5. Invited Speaker GOT 2016 – April
  6. Invited Speaker ICOWOBASS 2015, “Development of high-performance silica based catalysts for the production of high-calorie synthetic natural gas from carbon dioxide”, 16-17 October 2015
  7. Keynote Speaker International Conference on Chemical & Material Engineering, “Design and Activation of Materials for Heterogeneous Base Catalysis”, 29-30 September 2015
  8. Keynote Speaker SEMINAR NASIONAL KIMIA 2015, “Modification Of Aluminosilicate Framework For Producing Of High Quality Of Petrol Fuel”, 28-29 August 2015
  9. Invited Speaker RAFSS 2014, “Solid Acid-Base Catalyst : Synthesis & Characterization”, 8-11 September 2014
  10. Invited Speaker 8th Indonesian Zeolite Sminar 2013, “Catalytic transformation of n-pentane over Zn/HZSM5”, 4‐5 June 2013, ITB Bandung Indonesia.
  11. Keynote Speaker ITS Special Workshop, “Publication in High Impact Journal” , 28/02/2014
  12. Keynote Speaker 2nd ITB Catalysis Symposium (2012), “Development of ZrO2 based Solid Acid Catalysts for Modification of Linear Alkanes”
  13. Keynote Speaker 3rd Thailand Nanotechnology Conference, “Preparation Of Zinc Oxidenanoparticle By Electrochemical Method For Photocatalytic Degradation Of Methylorange” 3rd Thailand Nanotechnology Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec 2009
  14. Invited Speaker WORKSHOP SEMINAR NATIONAL KIMIA X, ITS, 2008: “Design of Reactor for Heteregeneous &Homogeneous Reaction”, Workshop Seminar National Kimia X, 25-26 August2008, ITS Surabaya Indonesia.
  15. KEYNOTE WORKSHOP SEMINAR NATIONAL KIMIA X – ITS, 2008: “Design & Synthesis of Solid Super Acid-Base Catalysts”, Workshop Seminar National Kimia X, 25-26 August 2008, ITS Surabaya Indonesia.