MJFAS 10-2014-174

Photoisomerization of n-pentane over nano ZnO/MoO2-ZrO2

A series of nano ZnO/MoO3-ZrO2 catalysts with different ZnO loading (1.0, 2.5, 5.0 wt%) were prepared
by impregnation method for n-pentane photoisomerization under hydrogen or nitrogen atmosphere. The
properties of the catalysts were characterized with X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Brunauer Emmett Teller
(BET), Transmission Electron microscope (TEM) and FTIR. The XRD result showed that the fraction of
tetragonal phase of ZnO/MoO3-ZrO2 was about 0.67 for all samples. While, the specific BET surface area
was about 24 m2/g. Pyridine adsorbed FTIR results showed that all samples possessed high concentration
of strong Lewis acid sites and small concentration of weak Bronsted acid sites. The interaction of hydrogen
and surface samples at 298-523 K formed protonic acid sites with the concomitant of the partial elimination
of Lewis acid sites. Whereas no changes of the concentration of acid sites were observed in the presence
of nitrogen atmosphere. The activity of all samples in the n-pentane photoisomerization was strongly
determined by the presence of hydrogen gas. In fact no activity was observed in the absence of hydrogen.