RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 88110

Dispersive solid phase extraction of gold with
magnetite-graphene oxide prior to its
determination via microwave plasma-atomic
emission spectrometry†

In this paper we demonstrated the quantitative analysis of gold in environmental water samples using
microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometry (MP-AES) after dispersive solid phase extraction (DSPE)
on magnetite graphene oxide (m-GO). The benefits of the MP-AES are related to cheap analysis costs
and improved operational safety with nitrogen used for plasma generation. The detection limit, 3s m1,
(0.005 mg L1), inter and intra-day precision (2.6% and 3.2%) and dynamic range (0.02–500 mg L1) for
m-GO coupled MP-AES were compared and matrix effects were evaluated with respect to
environmental samples. Recovery of (spiked) analytes ranges from 97.0 to 101%. The developed MP-AES
method can offer a comparable or better performance to flame atomic absorption spectrometry and/or
inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry with respect to routine analysis for
a regulatory program and may be applied as an active method.