Programme Name: Master of Philosophy, Field of Research : Bioscience

Awarding Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Teaching Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Programme Name Master of Philosophy (Bioscience)
Final Award
Master of Philosophy, Field of Research : Bioscience
Programme Code MMBB3
Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi
Language(s) of Instructions
Bahasa Melayu & English
Mode of Study Conventional
Mode of operation Self-govern
Study Scheme Full Time and Part time
Study Duration

Full Time: Minimum: 1½ years; Maximum: 3 years


Part Time: Minimum: 2 years; Maximum: 4 years

Type of Semester No. of Semesters No. of weeks per semester
Full Time Part Time Full Time Part Time
Normal 3 6 14 14


Postgraduate Entry Requirements


  • A Master’s Degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other Institutions of higher learning recognised by the Senate; or
  • Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree and experience in the relevant field recognised by the Senate; or
  • Candidates who a currently registered in a Master’s Degree programme at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee of the respective faculty and the Senate.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree with good honours from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognised by the Senate; or
  • A qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree and experience in the relevant field recognised by the Senate.

PEO1: Knowledgeable and skillful in catering to knowledge-intensive industries in the field of science and mathematics through application of research and innovation skills.

PEO2:  Competent to inform and share, advice and improve on contemporary issues, new solutions and innovations for development and advancement in the field of science and mathematics.

PEO3: Equipped with professional skills critical to excel within a multicultural, transnational work and learning environment.

Graduates of the program can work as

  1. Research scientist
  2. Academician (Tutor, lecturer, teacher)
  3. Biotechnologist
  4. Microbiologist
  5. Quality control / Assurance Officer
  6. Product Specialist
  7. Sales Executive for biotech product
  8. Environmental safety officer

PLO1 (KW) : Apply knowledge critically to solve complex problem or issues through research using innovative techniques, tools, skills for decision making and producing new ideas and solution.

PLO2 (CG) : Exemplify capacity to solve and manage complex problems or issues in research filed.

PLO3 (PS): Demonstrate technical skills and practices to solve research problems. with reasonable degree of originality.

PLO4 (IPS): Work together and collaboratively with different people in learning, communities and other groups and networks, ethically and professionally

PLO5 (CS): Communicate clearly the knowledge, skills, ideas using appropriate methods to peers, experts, and non-experts through various medium.

PLO6 (DS): Use a broad range of information, media, digital technologies and software to support research works or studies.

PLO7 (NS): Show skills in designing, planning evaluation activities, and analysing numerical and graphical data using quantitative or qualitative tools in solving problems.

PLO8 (LAR): Demonstrate leadership, autonomy and responsibility in conducting and managing own research and resources.

PLO9 (PRS): Exemplify self-advancement through continuous academic development.

PLO10 (ENT) : Demonstrate entrepreneurial characteristics

PLO11 (ETS):Demonstrate adherence to legal, ethical and professional codes of practice as a postgraduate student.

No Year Offered Course Code Course Name



Credit Value Remarks
1 1 UHXP/UHXW 6XX3 Compulsory university course Elective 3 Offered by University
2 1 USCP0010 Research Methodology Major 0 Offered by Faculty
3 1-2 MMBB XX00/MMBBXX10 Thesis Major Supervisor
Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Science