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UTM Zamalah are offered to outstanding Malaysian students who are registered in any DOCTORAL programme at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The scholarship are awarded on yearly basis where each student will be assessed based on his/her academic performance before an extension to the subsequent year is granted.

Application Date : 15 July 2019 until 15 September 2019


Faculty of Science Laboratory Regulation and Safety Briefing

Compulsory for ALL NEW POSTGRADUATE Students.

DATE: 12th September 2019

TIME: 9.00 am

VENUE: Al-Dinawari Hall, T02

UTM Faculty of Science is made up of four departments which are responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and research. The departments which constitute the Faculty are:

The Faculty of Science currently offers 14 postgraduate programmes  leading to Masters of Science, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in areas of chemistry, physics and mathematics. These programmes are either taught & research programmes i.e. mixed mode or research programmes. Read details on the postgraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Science here.

We also have an active community of postgraduate students, supported by excellent laboratory facilities at the Faculty of Science.

Class Schedule

A list that shows the times in the week at which particular subjects are taught.

Course Registration

Course codes and link to online course registration.

University Compulsory Courses

List of compulsory courses to be chosen by local and international students.

New Students Briefing

Slide presentation by the Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.

First Assessment Schedule

A list that shows the schedule and all the requirements needed for First Assessment.

Qualifying Assessment

Requirements and schedules for FAST TRACK students.