M.Phil & Ph.D (Mathematics) by Research

Programme Name: Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics)

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The Department of Mathematics has expertise in the areas of research listed below. Attendance at Departmental Seminars are compulsory and research students are strongly encouraged to write for publications in indexed journals and presentations at conferences. To increase knowledge in a particular topic, they can attend suitable lectures offered in the M.Sc by Taught Course and Research (Mixed Mode) programme.


Areas of Research

Algebra and Analysis

  1. Fuzzy Mathematics and Its Applications: Fuzzy Modelling of Neuro Magnetic Field, Fuzzy Approach for Multivariable Control Systems; Algebraic and Topological Views of Fuzzy Models.
  2. Algebraic Computation: Modular Technique, GCD of Generalized Polynomials, Algebraic Geometry Techniques and its Applications.
  3. Group Theory and its Applications: Capability of Groups, Nonabelian Tensor Squares, Homological Functors, Probability Theory in Group Theory.
  4. Formal Language Theory and its Applications: Splicing Systems and DNA.
  5. Vector Bundles.
  6. Representation Theory


Applied Mathematics

  1. Non-linear Waves: Forced Soliton, Optical Soliton, Surface Waves, Waves Groups.
  2. Spin Waves.
  3. Theoritical and Computational Fluid Dynamics: Boundary Layer Flows, Low-Gravity, Physiological Flows.
  4. Applied and Computational Complex Analysis: Conformal Mapping, Complex Boundary Value Problems.
  5. Special Functions.
  6. Modelling of Mass Transfer Processes in the RDC Column.
  7. Functional Integral in Mathematical Physics.
  8. Fuzzy Delay Differential Equations


Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics

  1. Boundary Value Problems : Finite Element Methods, Boundary Element Methods.
  2. Intergral Equation Approach for Numerical Conformal Mapping and the Solution of Riemann Problems.
  3. Stiff Differential Equations.
  4. Differential Quadrature Method, Meshless Method, Multiscale Technique, Parallel Computing
  5. Molecular Modelling
  6. Computational Quantum Mechanics


Operations Research

  1. Systems Optimization: Nonlinear Optimal Control Algorithm, Hierarchical Optimal Control
  2. Routing: VLSI design, Mobile Computing, Wireless Networks, Parallel Computing Systems
  3. Scheduling: Multiprocessor Scheduling, Job-shop, Vehicle Routing
  4. Location Analysis
  5. Financial Mathematics, Game Theory Applications
  6. Heuristics Methods for Optimization
  7. Numerical Optimization of Nonlinear Functions


  1. Time Series: Flood Modelling; Extreme Value Distributions.
  2. Multivariate Analysis: Detection of Multiple Outliers, Missing Data.
  3. Linear Models : Energy Forecasting, Performance Evaluation Methods.
  4. Stochastic Processes



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