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Programme Structure

Programme Name: Master of Science (Forensic Science)

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This is a 3-semester full-time programme comprising a total of 42 credits which include five core courses (12 credits), one elective course (3 credits), one research methodology course (3 credits), one compulsory University course (3 credits) and Forensic research project and dissertation (21 credits). The following is a typical course distribution for the MSc Taught Course and Research (Mixed Mode) in Forensic Science:


Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
MSCN 1803 Forensic Evidence and the Aspects of Law 3
MSCN 19×3 Forensic Elective Course
MSCN 1853 Forensic Practical 3
MCSN 1303 Research Methodology 3
Total credits 12


Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
MSCN 1823 Forensic Chemistry
MSCN 1813 Forensic Analytical Instrumentation
MSCN 1830 Expert Testimony & Moot Court
UHAX 6xx3 University Compulsory Course
Total credits 9

x = a code number ; HW: Hadir wajib  ‘Attendance is compulsory’



Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
MSCN xx80/xx90
Dissertation 21
Total credits 21

The course code for dissertation is given as MSCN XY80/XY90
‘X’ refers to the year and ‘Y’ refers to the semester in which the student is enrolled
‘8’ refers to full time students and ‘9’ refers to part time students
Note : Dissertation can only be taken after completion of all courses


Forensic Elective Courses

Course Code Course Credit
MSCN 1913 Crime Scene Investigation
MSCN 1923 Biological Aspects of Forensic Science
MSCN 1933 Examination of Questioned Documents
MSCN 1943 Quality Assurance in Forensic Science
MSCN 1953 Forensic Engineering
MSCN 1963 Computer Forensics
MSCN 1973 Fire and Explosion Investigation 3
MSCN 1983 Firearms and Forensic Investigation
MSCN 1993 Forensic Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse