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Programme Name: Doctor of Philosophy (Bioscience)

29 June 2020

Awarding Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Teaching Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Programme Name Doctor of Philosophy in Bioscience
Final Award
Doctor of Philosophy (Bioscience)
Programme Code PSCBA3AJA
Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi
Language(s) of Instructions
Bahasa Melayu & English
Mode of Study Conventional
Mode of operation Self-govern
Study Scheme Full Time and Part time
Study Duration

Full Time: Minimum:  3 years; Maximum: 6 years

Part Time: Minimum: 4 years; Maximum: 8 years

Type of Semester No. of Semesters No. of weeks per semester
Full Time Part Time  Full Time Part Time
Normal 6 8 14 14


  • Must have a Masters Degree in Chemistry or related field
  • Is currently enrolled in the M.Sc programme at UTM and transferred to the Ph.D programme as approved by the Senate Standing Committee of UTM


The objective of the programme are to produce

  1. Graduate whom will be successful in their careers especially in the field of chemistry.
  2. Graduate whom will set and meet their own goals for career fulfillment especially in the field of chemistry.
  3. Graduate whom will continue professional development.
  4. Graduate whom will engage the international dimensions of their profession.
No. Year
Course Code Course Name Classification
(Major / Minor/ Elective)
Credit Value Remarks
1. 1 UHXP / UHXW 6XX3 Compulsory University Course Elective 3 Offered by university
2. 1 USCP 0010 Research Methodology Major 0 Offered by faculty
3. 1 – 3 PSCK XX00 / PSCK XX10 Thesis Major Supervisor

Graduates of the program can work as

  1. lecturers or researchers at higher learning institutions,
  2. chemists or scientists in private and government research institutions such as MARDI, PORIM, RRI, PRSS, AMREC, SIRIM and MINT etc
  3. officer in government agencies or industries in which sound knowledge of chemistry and high levels of generic skills are required.