Programme Name: Doctor of Philosophy, Field of Research : Bioscience

Awarding Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Teaching Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Programme Name Doctor of Philosophy in Bioscience
Final Award
Doctor of Philosophy, Field of Research : Bioscience
Programme Code PMBB3
Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi
Language(s) of Instructions
Bahasa Melayu & English
Mode of Study Conventional
Mode of operation Self-govern
Study Scheme Full Time and Part time
Study Duration

Full Time: Minimum:  3 years; Maximum: 6 years

Part Time: Minimum: 4 years; Maximum: 8 years

Type of Semester No. of Semesters No. of weeks per semester
Full Time Part Time  Full Time Part Time
Normal 6 8 14 14


Postgraduate Entry Requirements


  • A Master’s Degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other Institutions of higher learning recognised by the Senate; or
  • Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree and experience in the relevant field recognised by the Senate; or
  • Candidates who a currently registered in a Master’s Degree programme at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee of the respective faculty and the Senate.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree with good honours from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognised by the Senate; or
  • A qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree and experience in the relevant field recognised by the Senate.


PEO1: Knowledgeable and skillful in synthesizing new discoveries in the field of science and mathematics through application of research and innovation skills.

PEO2: Highly proficient in sharing and improving on contemporary solutions and innovations for societal and national advancement in the field of science and mathematics.

PEO3: Endowed with advanced professional skills critical to excel within a multicultural, transnational work and learning environment.

No Year offered Course Code Course Name Classification (Major/Minor/Elective) Credit value Remarks
1 1 UHXP/UHXW 6XX3 Compulsory university course Elective 3 Offered by University
2 1 USCP0010 Research Methodology Major 0 Offered by Faculty
3 1-3 PMBB XX00/PMBBXX10 Thesis Major Supervisor

Graduates of the program can work as

  1. Research scientist
  2. Academician (Tutor, lecturer, teacher)
  3. Biotechnologist
  4. Microbiologist
  5. Quality control / Assurance Officer
  6. Product Specialist
  7. Sales Executive for biotech product
  8. Environmental safety officer

PLO1 (KW) : Apply knowledge critically and integratively to manage and resolve complex problems or issues through research, using advanced techniques, tools, skills for decision making and producing new ideas and solution

PLO2 (CG):  Make substantial contribution through the creation of new knowledge/theories/ solutions/practice through originality and independent research, which satisfies peer reviews and international standards.

PLO3 (PS): Demonstrate mastery of practical skills and scientific skills  to solve complex research problems.

PLO4 (IPS): Work to deal with different people in learning and working communities and other groups and networks, ethically and professionally.

PLO5 (CS): Communicate effectively the knowledge, skills, ideas and research findings using appropriate methods to peers, scholarly communities, and societies through various medium.

PLO6 (DS): Use,  improve existing or develop  new appropriate tools or methodologies using a broad range of information, media and technology to support and enhance research activities.

PLO7 (NS):  Undertake critical evaluation of numerical and graphical data.

PLO8 (LAR): Demonstrate leadership, professionalism and management skills, and take full responsibility of own work, and significantly for others in the research.

PLO9 (PRS): Take full responsibility for own work and where relevant be accountable for overall management of one’s research organization and profesional development

PLO10 (ENT): Demonstrate entrepreneurial characteristics.

PLO11 (ETS): Demonstrate adherence to legal, ethical and professional codes of practice as a postgraduate student

Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Science