The Faculty of Science currently offers 14 postgraduate programmes leading to the Masters of Science, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in areas of mathematics, chemistry, physics and bioscience. Below is the list of all the postgraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Science.

The normal duration of study for full time students are 2–8 semesters (1–4 years) for Masters programmes and 6–16 semesters (3–8 years) for the Doctor of Philosophy programmes. 

Additional Courses

Each programme requires postgraduate students to take at least one of the University compulsory courses listed here. In addition, all research students must enroll in a research methodology course:

  • USCP 0010 – Research Methodology (HW)

International Students

International students are required to take 3 credit hours of the following university courses:

  • UHAZ 6123 – Malaysian Society and Culture (international students of non-Malay race)
  • UHAZ 6323 – Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan Ilmiah (international students of Malay race)
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