Proceedings of Science and Mathematics (Proc. Sci. Math.) was founded in 2020 to publish research papers submitted to various conferences and student projects.

Proc. Sci. Math. is administered by the Faculty of Science at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( The Proc. Sci. Math. published research papers concerning (but not limited to) our domains (departments), which are as follows:



Biosciences and

Mathematical sciences.


This is the platform where your organisation can publish research and technical papers that were presented at conferences, seminars, and meetings, among other things. To ensure that we publish the technical papers, the publication process includes a selection of papers pertaining to the scope of the journal and a review procedure by experts in the field.



It began with the publication of selected papers from the 7th International Conference and Workshop on Basic and Applied Sciences (ICOWOBAS 2019) (


To learn more about our publication process, please contact our team.