Science Rocks @ Tabika

Science Rocks @ Tabika

with Dr. Siti Aminah Setu and Dr. Nursyafreena Attan

Science Rocks @ Tabika is a program organized by Science and Community Students (UKQA 2092) which consists of 63 students in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UTM. The main objectives of this program are (1) to train and strengthen teacher proficiency in teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to preschool children, (2) to add value to STEM teaching and learning curriculum modules in preschool, and (3) to increase interest and literacy of children in Tabika on STEM subject.

Phase 1: Preparation and development of STEM teaching and learning modules with lecturers and Kiddo Science

This program which started on October 2017 until December 2017 involves 3 main phases namely (1) preparation and development of STEM teaching and learning modules, (2) presentation and training of the modules to the teachers and (3) monitoring of STEM teaching and learning activities by teachers in the schools. In total, 16 science-based modules such as sounds, land, weather, vehicles, colours, animals, nutrition, astronomy, water, fruits, shapes, insects, measurements, light, chemical reactions, and human body were successfully developed by the students through training and discussion with lecturers and field experts from industry, Kiddo Science. This teaching modules emphasizes practical learning and experiments to attract and facilitate the children to learn basic science concepts in a simple, fun and attractive way. Meanwhile, the presentation and monitoring of the implementation of the modules was held at 3 schools namely Tabika KEMAS Impian, Tabika Mutiara Genius and Tabika IQ Aulad involving 9 teachers and 40 children.

Phase 2: Presentation and training of the modules to the teachers

Overall, the program has successfully achieved the targeted objectives and has had a high impact through positive feedbacks received from the targeted community. For the students, this program has increased their knowledge on how to prepare the STEM preschool teaching and learning modules where this knowledge is beyond their field of study, as well as to enhance their skills of team working, leadership, communication and socializing with communities at different age and background.

Phase 3: Monitoring of STEM teaching and learning activities by teachers in the pre-schools.