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This panel offers 4 years academic program that covers a wide spectrum of courses on various theoretical, experimental, and applied materials (both compulsory and elective) to produce market ready graduates. These courses include thermodynamics, solid state physics, thermal and statistical physics, materials science, ceramic and amorphous material, polymer science, vacuum and thin film technology, metallurgy, corrosion sciences, spectroscopy and material analysis, semiconductor devices, magnetic materials, microscopy and material analysis, semiconductor physics, condensed matter physics, magnetism, low temperature physics and superconductivity. In the final year, students undertake the dissertation to get some practical experience on materials. These courses are designed in such as way so that after learning, the graduates can easily find jobs in the industries and reputed educational institutes of teaching and research. In short, we implement the market driven courses for teaching and hands-on training of the graduates to satisfy the employers’ requirements. Many of our graduates further opt for higher studies including Master and PhD to increase their job prospects and entrepreneurship capability. The contents of each course can attract high quality scholars to develop a culture of intellectual excellence capitalized on the research expertise. The in-depth knowledge gained through these courses further helps the students to enhance the research activities, internship feasibilities with national and international organizations as well as graduate employability. It enables the graduates tackling the local and global challenges, fulfilling the societal needs, contributing to the Nation’s economy and sustainable development. Most of these graduates are demanded by diverse manufacturing companies, scientific instruments, consumer products quality control, industrial processing, manager positions in the production line, high performance construction materials production, and so forth.


Dr. Ezza Syuhada Sazali

Dr. Ezza Syuhada Sazali

Head of Materials Panel (ezzasyuhada@utm.my)


  • Materials Analysis
  • Materials Physics 1 & 2
  • Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Materials Processing
  • Materials Characterizations
  • Crystal Growth
  • Furnace
  • Thin Films
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Sputtering
  • Non Destructive Testing