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Research Groups

Applied Optic Research Group

  • Optical and fiber optic sensors
  • Fiber laser system
  • Non-thermal plasma technology & diagnostic
  • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy: Fourier Transform Infrared techniques
  • Optical Emission spectrometry
  • Laser gas detection and Terahertz Technology
  • Infrared spectroscopy for VOCs and gaseous analysis

Advanced Optical Materials Research Group


  • Glass synthesis and characterizations
  • Crystal growth and characterizations
    Solid state laser materials
  • Nanomaterials analyses using analytical techniques
  • Semiconductor nanostructures
  • Non-crystalline solids and ceramics
  • Thin film and nanotechnology
  • Thin film solar cell
  • Proton batteries and wastewater treatment
  • Polymer membrane

Scientific Computing and Instrumentation

  • Computational Condensed Matter Physics
  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Thin Tilm and Vacuum ScienceĀ 
  • Medical DevicesĀ 
  • Plasma Physics & Technology
  • SHG Materials
  • ESR Quantum Computing

Nuclear & Radiation Physics

  • Moun Physics
  • Bioactive glass
  • Radiation Dosimetry (TLD, OSL< EPR, Monte Carlo)
  • Medical Physics
  • Nuclear Structure
  • X-ray Security (Cargo Inspection, Food irradiation, Sterilization)
  • Simulated Nuclear Waste
  • Radiological Protection (Radiation in consumer product)
  • Environmental Radiology (Isodose mapping)

Research Centre