Bio-Nite 2019

Date: 25th April 2019
Person involves: a group of 2nd and 3rd year students, 4th year students, Alumni, Lecturers and Non Academic staffs

The Bionite 2019, themed ‘Elegant’ was a successful event held at the Le Grandeur Resort, Senai on the 25th of April recently. This event was attended by almost 120 people consisting of mainly 4th year students, a group of 2nd and 3rd year students, alumni, lecturers and non academic staffs. It is an annual event and is mainly organised by the 2nd and 3rd year students from the Department of Biosciences to celebrate the hardwork and success of their final year seniors who are about to complete their Bachelor’s programme and graduate. The event was made interesting by giving away various awards to outstanding students in academic, sports as well as for those with significant roles in an organization. In addition, a couple of interesting performances by the 4th year students, awards for academic and non academic staffs as well as the crowning of ‘King and Queen’ for the night made the event even merrier. Currently, the Bionite event is among the many programmes hosted by the Departmental Student Development Committee (JKPP) and is parallel with the ‘Roadmap’ vision pioneered by the Faculty of Science. Students are given the opportunity to host a big event in which their skills apart from academic excellencies are put in use. Students were aimed at developing the ability to work in groups and communicate effectively as well as to organize and manage an event via the Bionite 2019.


Dr. Praseetha Prabhakaran (Bionite 2019 Advisor)