Bio Outdoor Survival (BOS) program

On 2nd of March 2019, a total of 70 students from the Biosciences department of Faculty Science participated in Bio Outdoor Survival (BOS) program. The event was conducted at UTM Recreational Forest (Hutan Rekreasi) facilitated by Biosciences Students Club members (Symbiosis) as well as academic and non-academic staffs from the same department. The program was carried out in accordance with Faculty of Science’s Roadmap planning (MyRoadmap@FS). The objective of the program was to develop a student’s survival and soft skills such as team-working and leadership skills.

The program started at 8 a.m. begins with the Jungle Trekking event led by Dr Mohd Helmi Sani, which packs participants with various tasks and physical activities that required them to work in a team of five. Students were guided by facilitators and one jungle ranger through the forest to the observatory, braving their way through obstacles consistently. Upon arrival at the camp base, participants were given a task to cook eggs over a campfire without a pan. The objective was to let them think critically of ways how to survive with minimal resources.