Undergraduate Final Year Projects

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    List of Student-Supervisors Session 2016/2017

  • FYP Chemistry Contact Person: Dr. Joazaizulfazli Jamalis

    SSCU 4902 – Undergraduate Project I
    The Undergraduate Project I is the first part of the students’ final year project. The final year project gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the course. In the Undergraduate Project I, students are required to identify a project (research) and a supervisor in an agreeable field of chemistry. Apart from an initial briefing session on the Undergraduate Project I and laboratory safety requirement, there are no formal lectures to attend. Teaching consists of regular individual/small group meetings between student and supervisor to discuss the progress of the project. Students will learn to gather information of the related topic through literature survey/review activities, construct research methodology, built-up results and discussion (if manageable and sufficient data were obtained), anticipate the expected results (if no data were obtained), and write conclusion and references. Finally, students are required to submit a research proposal and a draft project/research report comprising of Title, Introduction, Literature Survey/Review, Research Methodology/Experimental, Results and Discussion/Expected Results, Conclusion, and References.

    SSCU 4904 – Undergraduate Project II
    The Undergraduate Project II is an extension of the Undergraduate Project I. Students are required to complete the experimental work of the project identified during the Undergraduate Project I and document their findings. The students document the finding of their research in the form of project proceeding and final year project report. The students will be assessed based on the report and proceeding submitted, project presentation, attendance and laboratory work

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