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Skill Development Programme in Biotechnology: Department is supporting skill development programme in multi-disciplinary areas of Biotechnology. The objective of skill development programme is to provide high quality hands on training of tools and techniques to biotechnology students in multidisciplinary areas of Biotechnology to make the young biotechnologist ready to take-up jobs in industries, hospitals, medical colleges, R&D laboratories, diagnostic laboratories. A total of 15 Certificate/Diploma courses have been implemented in institutions located in various parts of country. Department has also initiated the Skill Vigyan Program in partnership with States and Union territories through hub & Spoke model. This program has been designed for providing skill training under four categories (i) Skill training for students (ii) Technician training (iii) Faculty training and (iv) Entrepreneurship training.

Biotechnology is considered the new industrial frontier. Yet we’ve been practicing it for as long as we’ve been baking bread and enjoying cheese and beer.

Today, we continue to capitalize on nature’s toolbox to enrich our lives, whether we are harnessing cellular processes to create new medicines, using biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or developing food with enhanced nutrients.

Recent biotechnological advances are addressing our world’s most pressing challenges of health, food production, and environmental sustainability. Every day, scientists come closer to even more breakthroughs that help us to live longer and healthier lives.

Our interdisciplinary biotechnology program combines advanced training in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences with critical business skills to bring you to the forefront of discovery and innovation.