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Faculty of Science UTM is delighted to unveil our inaugural MOOC course, “Research Methodology for Science,” bringing you the latest knowledge and tools in the field! 🎉
At the core of this exciting venture, we would like to emphasize the strategic involvement of our esteemed faculty in promoting hybrid and flexible #UTMHyflex learning opportunities.
We invite you to embark on this transformative MOOC educational journey and unlock new possibilities in the realm of scientific research.
📌 Course Description
The course will start with an introduction to research methods, approaches, procedures and philosophy, setting title, problem formulation and research objectives, literature review, research methodology and design, data collection and analysis, writing research papers for workshops, conferences and thesis as well as research management. Making an effective presentation and submission of research articles in high-impact journals and research proposals for acquiring grants will be discussed.
✅ Free to learn (without certification)