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Japanese Research Grants

1. Sumitomo Foundation

There are 4 categories of applications:
1. “Japan-related Research” in the field of social science or humanities (English or Japanese language)
2. “Protection, preservation & Restoration of Cultural Properties” within Japan (English or Japanese language)
3. “Protection, preservation & Restoration of Cultural Properties” outside of Japan (Japanese language only)
4. “Environmental-related” (Japanese language only)
5. “Basic science” (Japanese language only)
2. Nagao research environment foundation.  — application form is in English
One of the due date for this year is 17th October.
Research areas are:
1. Conservation of nature 
2. Publication (related to nature conversation) 
There are additional terms and conditions for what type of expenditures that are covered/not covered by the grant.
3. Kurita water and water foundation. — application form is in English
If you have already identified collaborators in Japan, it would help to increase your chances.  Because applicants need to submit a recommendation letter of Japanese researcher together with your application form. The due date is 12th May.
Research areas are:
1.  Physical and chemical properties of water

2.  New technologies for conservation and restoration of water resources. (

(River, Lake, Pond, Discharge etc.)
3.  New technologies for water measurement and assessment
4. Toray Science and Technology Research grant — Japanese organization registered in Malaysia
This is only for young academic staff (below 40 years).
This is now open until 31st May.
5. Toyota foundation — Application form seems to be in English
They open for any kind of Research. It worth to try it. Due date is 10 June.
The research area  is focused on:
1. Multigenerational and Multicultural Inclusion in Communities
2. Creating New Culture: Toward a Common Platform for Asia
3. Open Field
Objective: “To deepen mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing among people on the ground in East and Southeast Asia who are finding solutions to shared issues.”  — sounds like research collaboration with our neighbouring countries will have higher chances.
Potential applicants: Diverse team based in multiple target countries.
Here is the list of topics granted in 2015:
6. Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation — in English
This is for Material science field. Not opened yet for this year, but the due date is around the end of October.
Research areas are mainly inorganic materials dealing with amorphous and/or crystalline for applications in photonics, electronics, high temperature, structure, etc.. 
Amount: US$2,000~6,000 is provided for one research project with the term of 12 to 24 months
For more information, please contact:
PM Dr Hirofumi Hara
Email: hhara@utm.my or hhara@ic.utm.my