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Our Building

Situated on new cluster area in UTM JB, the new building was designed to utilize sun exposure and wind flows.

The east and west sun exposure will be controlled using the external perforated panels on the extended curvilinear beams to filter the excessive solar heat and unwanted glare.

The faculty is situated within the UTM new cluster development area, together with other new buildings including the Research Management Center (RMC), the Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering (FBME) and the Zarith Sofiah Library.

The faculty building encompasses six floors which accommodate lecture rooms, laboratories for each department, administration rooms, lecturers’ rooms, students’ common amenities, cafeteria and library.

All rooms have been designed to be linked around the central open courtyard which dominates the internal circulation between the spaces that will cater to approximately 968 undergraduate and 657 post-graduate students in this 128, 058 square feet of gross floor area.

This building is the last to be built under the 9th Malaysia Plan (Rancangan Malaysia ke-9) or RMK-9 where UTM received RM1.02 Billion for 26 projects on the Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur campuses.

The external view of new UTM Faculty of Science building.
The external view of the UTM Faculty of Science building
The Central Open Inner Courtyard in an oval shape surrounded with all rooms, lecture halls, laboratory and other facilities at the new Faculty of Science building.
The Central Open Inner Courtyard is oval in shape, surrounded with lecture halls,  laboratories and other facilities